Ry is having a really bad day…

In my head, the way this scene played out was that Ry, losing the use of one wing, would start tumbling, since he would be out of balance. As he neared the ground, he would finally manage to stabilize himself enough to hit the ground at an angle rather than just going splat…buuuut, that would’ve taken a lot of panels to show properly, and I didn’t want to waste updates on nothing more than Ry falling. So, yeah, it’s pretty truncated. Just so you know, though, I thought it through, it just made less sense to show it.
I also initially drew him with a bloody face after he “landed”, because I like doing that…but I like doing that a little too much to the point that I over do it. So I took it out, haha!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!