So yes, the intent here was to mislead that this guy was hunting down Ry, and then pull the switch with the deer. I think it would’ve worked better if I’d left the deer reveal to the next page, but I decided to keep it here because of the page-a-week schedule. If I put that next page, then nothing really would be happening on this page, and in a week, what had been set up here would probably get lost. So, yeah, not as good an effect, but there it is.

To answer some questions before they’re asked, and to expand on what I said about the cover, the reason he’s carrying a gun is because he’s hunting, and it’s easier to shoot from a distance than get too close. So why’s he in wolf form them? Better senses, better mobility.
Now, for his hair. He dyed his hair black in human form, not even thinking what a dork he’d look like in this form. I thought it was funny, but it wouldn’t make much sense to do on a random background werewolf, so I did it with this guy.
The strap over his shoulder is the strap of a bag, it’s not ammo. Not that I’d think too many people would see that, since it doesn’t look like belt ammo, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

I realize the blood on the deer is a bit much. Initially, I hadn’t shown the wound at all, but since he mentioned it was wounded, it seemed best to actually show it.
And I know that I have used though bubbles in the past, but in this particular chapter, narration boxes seemed more appropriate. (Early on, I’d intended to have speech and thought bubbles as well as the narration speaking from some point in the future, but it seemed too complicated.
And yes, he probably shouldn’t speak while he’s hunting, but I think it added more to the page.

Now that I’ve grossly over-explained this page, thanks for reading and see you next week! 😀