Just in case anyone thinks that this is a bit anti-climactic, I’d like to point out that this particular story-arc is just starting. We’re nowhere near then end on this one. šŸ˜€ Though just because something happens quickly, doesn’t mean it was easy.

Somehow, both of my comics ended their chapters on the same day…I don’t actually plan that (in fact, I don’t like it when it happens) but it does mean, that the videos for each can go up at the same time. I got a new camera at Christmas, and I decided to use it to record myself drawing a page of the comic. This page in fact. You can see it here. If you’re interested, I also uploaded the whole process of a TM comic page (drawing, inking and shading) but this one is relevant to FFC. XD

Thanks for reading!
Filler next week, then we head into the new chapter!