To be fair, I think Trey has a point.
Bryant’s a lot of fun, but he’s still a darkling, and all of them are supposed to be after Katyn. I don’t think it’s really a bad thing for him to be distrustful of darklings. No one else is really questioning it because Katyn seems to trust him. Katyn trusts him because Ry did.
…but since Trey doesn’t really like Ry either, that’s not enough for him.

I only bring it up because – again – I feel like I demonize the guy, and I don’t mean to. I really think he’s got a point here.

But I got to get more Micah into this page, so I’m happy. haha!

The art on this page sucks, though. I’m not sure what happened. I was reasonably satisfied with the drawing, but somewhere between there and here it all got messed up. Oh well, it’s still kind of fun, I think.