It’s an interesting thing about his dragon form here…I actually hadn’t fully decided what his dragon form would look like until I sat down to draw this page. His cat form was designed five years ago, but I could never get a version of his dragon form that I liked. I tried a few times, but it never worked, so I was really under the gun when I went to draw this one.
…all that said, I’m extremely proud of how he looks! I knew approximately how I wanted him to look, so this wasn’t out of left field, but I’m still glad it finally came together. The design for his head was based initially on Godzilla, because the monster’s design was always interesting to me, a reptilian creature, but it’s head was more like a mammal’s. Obviously, he doesn’t look much like Godzilla anymore, that was just the inspiration. I just wanted him to look different from the other two dragons we’d seen, both of which had long noses.
I also very much enjoy the fact that he looks like his cat-form. The two versions look like they’re the same creature. And that makes me happy.

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