Time to find out what Ry’s been up to…

I had expected there to me more in these backgrouns, but when I actually went to draw it, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to put in the bleak, empty, cell…so it ended up pretty blank. This I was completely spoiled rotten on these pages, since I was able to finish them much faster than most, haha! Ah well.

The guns in this scene are entirely made up. Any resemblance to real guns is completely accidental. It’s a reversal on the last gun that appeared in the comic, for which I actually did some research and drew based off of a real gun. Here, though, I wanted something specific and just decided to design my own.

Edit: HAHA! I just noticed the comments for the last page AS I was loading up this page! Thanks for the catch, you guys! I’ll correct the speech bubbles on the last page as soon as I get a chance (I don’t have internet at home currently). MAN, I guess I WAS out of it when I uploaded that!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!