Katyn’s still a bit suspicious. I guess she has reason to be. haha.

Yay! Mirhe! Finally! (Her name is pronounced “meer-hay” in case you’re wondering). She’s based on a cheetah, so she’ll have longer limbs than the others do.

Man, I’ve been waiting years to get to these guys! To give you an idea of HOW long, My first drawing of Raithlin, posted in 2004, and my first drawing of Mirhe from 2005. So yeah, these two have been stewing for a while…

So there are a few other dragons in the world. Not many, but they’re still out there. There’s few enough now, that they all know each other, even if they don’t communicate too much. So both of these guys are familiar to each other and to Chaerius…and also to Sadryn.

Things have been moving rather slowly lately, but think of it as the calm before the storm. This chapter is nearly done, and the next will be fairly slow too, then after that we’ll be getting two back-to-back story arc that are both pretty intense, so stick around.
Thanks for reading! See you next week!