Two pages for the price of one this week!

I had always intended for that lower image to be a full page by itself, since I wanted a lot of black, empty space in it.
The only question was, how much of a jerk was I going to be to you guys? I did actually toy with the idea of basically taking a week off and making the second page an update by itself, but that seemed kind of mean, haha! So here you go, two pages today.

Oh, I also fixed the text baloons on that page a few back finally. Thanks again to those of you who pointed it out! And sorry for the delay. It was mainly because I would only remember about it when I was nowhere near my computer to fix it!

Thanks for reading! See you again next week!

EDIT: I just noticed the typo as I was posting this page. As it’s getting rather late, I’ll fix that tomorrow – likely after work. I hope you can overlook it until then! Thanks!