Yeah…you guys probably didn’t handle this whole thing as well as you could have…

I feel I need to formally apologize to you all as well, since I am well aware that anything-on-black-text is difficult to read and a decorative font is even worse. I did this primarily to indicate that Ry sounds different – yet the same – and to fit in with the style of another scene earlier. I know it’s bad, but this was how I envisioned it from the beginning, and unfortunately I tend to be very stubborn and stuck in my ways. I attempted to make it a bit more legible by upping the size and making it bold, so hopefully you can get through it. It’s been lucky that to this point, Ry hasn’t talked in this state so I haven’t had to do it. (Had he talked, the dialogue would have been the same.) So my apologies, it’s the by-product of a time when I still thought Ry’s name was fantastic and that Sands of Fire was the best font to use for his dialogue because “it looked cool”. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Incidentally, this is the last page of the chapter, because I love cliffhangers!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around to next week!