So you may be wondering why there isn’t a filler page here. Well, truth be told, I DID draw one…but it was terrible. And after I finished this cover and didn’t like it (it looked so much better in my head – seems to match the really crappy TM cover I last made, though…) and since I couldn’t think of anything better, it just seemed really unfair to take you from that charged scene and feed you two straight weeks of garbage. So we’re skipping the filler page this time around and just heading right into the new chapter. There will DEFINITELY be a filler page next time because I use them to build my buffer, and I’ll be losing a week of work sometime around then, but for this time, we’re just going to go ahead.

I feel like I should warn you guys, this chapter is going to b kind of grim. Oh, it won’t hold a candle to most of what’s out there, no worries about that, but I feel like there should be a warning here because for the most part, this is a more light-hearted story, and this chapter gets pretty dark. It doesn’t represent a full change in style for the story (this was pretty much the first story arc I came up with), though, it’s pretty much just this chapter. I just felt it warranted a warning.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading and see you next week!