Ah, the perks of allowing yourself to be captured. They really should’ve wondered why it was easy to catch him. Blindness doesn’t mean he can’t set things on fire.

Just a little better explanation on how Ry’s “sense” works. In the top panel, I tried to make the closer werewolf much sharper and more detailed to explain, but I probably should’ve had less detail on the one in the back. At about five feet away, he can’t really tell much more than where they are, and the farther away they get, the less distinct it is. There’s a distance even where he can tell they’re around, but can’t even pinpoint a direction.

…which is probably over-explaining, since I’m sure you’ve figure that out, but I like to ramble. XD
I’m pretty happy with how this page looks, though!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!