Whoo! More…stuff…

Yeah, I know these pages are kinda dull, and have been for a while, but they WILL pick up soon. Before the end of the chapter we’ll be getting into the next story-arc, and it’s got a bit more action, so sorry for the slowness, this is all set-up for what will come later.

Also, I rushed the coloring on this, so it looks sloppy. Bleh.

On a happier note, I forgot that a new TM chapter was starting this week, and got a page done for it…a page that won’t be necessary until next week. So I can use the time this week to get a bit ahead and build up the buffer I lost. At present I have next week’s page inked as well as the page after. The page after that is partially inked and the one after that is drawn (I was busy this weekend!) My goal is to get three of them finished by the end of next weekend to give myself a two-page buffer, so here’s hoping. Just in time for the good stuff too. 😀

Thank you for sticking with me. It will pick up soon, and I hope to see you next week!