I didn’t spend six years waiting for this guy to show up just to use him for only one chapter. πŸ˜€
Though it’s problematic when speaking with a blind guy who only knows you’re there because he has an intense desire to attack you and since you didn’t give him a name, all you can say is “it’s me.”
“But you didn’t SAY that you were you, you just kept saying ‘I’m me’!”
“That’s because I’m me!”
“Thus ends another meeting of the pronoun club.”
…any actual humor in the post courtesy of Red Vs. Blue. LOOK IT UP!

Anyway, I have the next chapter in Ry’s backstory just about ready for posting! I got some awesome illustrations to post with it, I just need to get the time to edit it…because my prose kinda sucks (seriously, reading that first chapter is kind of painful now, I should go back and re-write that damned thing) but it should be posted soon!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!