This is interesting, since this is the last page of this story arc, and the new one (which should be a bit more exciting) will start next week. Normally it’s right along the chapter break, but there just wasn’t enough in this or the next bit to warrant them having their own chapter, so they kind of blend together.

Anyway, thus ends this chapter and into the next! Onward! I managed to get one page ahead…not much, but it’s a start. 🙂 If you’re wondering why I didn’t get further ahead, it’s because I spent the weekend drawing a picture of Ry instead of getting ahead like I should.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

(DawnStar – I JUST logged in and saw all the comments – for some reason it didn’t notify me – I haven’t read through them yet, but thank you so much! I really appreciate it when people take the time to tell me what they think! Now I will go see what they said! haha!)