And the fire wings are back! Took him a while to work up to them this time, but it seemed appropriate to save that in order to puncuate that sentence, haha.

I think he was getting a little annoyed that they were talking over him, myself.

Oh, if you’re wondering where everyone else got to, they’re in the hall behind Chaerius. He’s kinda big, so they can’t fit through the door around him. Whether he blocked them in a moment of panic, or did it intentionally to keep them safe, the world may never know… (I think it was both.)

This one was FUN to color though. I mean that both seriously AND sarcastically! It ended up being 25 layers all told, and I’m not sure I mixed them all properly, but fire is fun to do and it really felt bright by the end, which pleases me. So, as usual, it’s not perfect, but I’ll take it, haha!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!