Just for the record: guns aren’t an effective weapon against vampires in the FFC world, but they are against werewolves.
Vampires can turn to smoke, making them impossible to hit with physical weapons. If you can catch them off guard, you could do some damage, but it’s a hard thing to do, since they like to hide.
Werewolves on the other hand are the brute strength for the Dark, they’re the muscle. They can take a lot more pain than your average person, but they’re still bound to the same rules as anyone else.
So Micah’s threat here isn’t an empty one. Not that he has any idea that werewolves can be hurt by mere guns, but hey, no harm trying.

That is the best drawn gun you will ever see in FFC. I just can’t draw the things, but this one looks good…sadly it does not last. *sigh*

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