And thus we abruptly end the chapter on a nice, confusing note! XD Others? What could he mean? Chaerius seems confused too! AND WHO ENDED UP DRIVING?!
…and wow, I cut into the words on some of those speech bubbles didn’t I? I’m sorry, I’ll fix that later.

Next week will be a filler, then the following week a new story art begins. I promise not to cut any….um…well “as many” anyway….corners in this one! (Actually, I’m already rather pleased with the pages I’ve done, I hope they end up looking okay in the end.)

Also! Rough draft of part three of Ry’s backstory is finished. Just need to get it my illustrator to get some cool images, and clean it up on my end, and it’ll be on its way! So look for that soon!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!