Does this feel like a cop-out to you guys? It feels like a cop-out to me, and I didn’t notice until had the page nearly finished. I probably should have showed more what Ry and Bryant were doing, but I was just so impatient to get back to these guys.
Essentially, the werewolves weren’t expecting a double agent.
Oh well, there will be some awesome stuff coming up soon, I promise!

Weirdly enough, I really hate the drawing for this page, it’s pretty terrible, but for the first time in months, I really like the coloring. Like enough that despite the terrible drawing, I think this page looks good! I think I realized what my problem is with this method of coloring. It’s not the shading, the shading looks great! It’s the hi-lighting, and I haven’t entirely figured out yet how to fix it. It works here for some reason though…

Thanks for reading! See you next week!