New chapter starts. I actually am having a bit of fun drawing this one – it’s nice to get out of the city for a bit.

This story-arc may only end up being two chapters, but if that’s the case, they’ll likely be long. I’ll have to see how it divides out, I just know where I want one break, and am not sure if there’s enough beyond that for another break. We’ll have to see when it’s scripted.

We will be out of the city for the next three straight story-arcs, and the three of them will probably kinda run together. There isn’t really a sharp division between them the way there was with previous stories. Leaving the city allowed me a bit mroe freedom of movement and to get back to writing what I know a bit better (I didn’t grow up anywhere near a city) Plus, werewolves don’t particularly care for city life, so there are few of them there. 😉

I like the way this page looks – Jerrome in particular (his hair sye is fun XD). A little more stylized than usual, but I think it works.

EDIT: “fixed” typo, we’ll see if it takes ^_^;

Thanks for reading! See you next week!