Well, that was easy.

Hmm, let me get into some FFC history here. You may be wondering, if it’s so easy to keep the Guardians healed, why aren’t THEY the ones that are in charge? Well, the fragility of normal humans is kind of the point. When this whole thing was being hashed out in the early days, they were very aware of the fact that if you give something immortal a lot of power, you really aren’t going to have a lot of control over it and eventually it’s not really going to care much about the fate of the other beings in the world. It was felt that a normal human, who would be firmly rooted in his/her own life and the lives of others, would be the best gauge for Light vs. Dark. The Guardians were created be an immortal element, but their fate is entirely tied in with the sword and depends completely on the one who wields it. They were originally intended to act as a sort of stand-in for the Keepers on riskier missions since humans are indeed incredibly fragile, which evolved into “keeping them alive” which evolved to “protection”.If the Guardian could be incapacitated, he wouldn’t be much use, so he heals easily, but because he heals so easy, the powers that be didn’t feel right granting him much power.
I feel like I’m not explaining it very well, but anyway, that’s why it’s such a simple thing. Ry mentioned earlier that this was only temporary anyway, so I don’t know why I’m trying to explain it, I just like talking about this stuff. XD

Anyway, this page is not great, but I’m really happy with the final panel there. So cute. I hated having to put speech bubbles over it. Ah well.

Thanks for reading! Really! I appreciate the heck out of every reader I have, you guys are awesome! Things will be ramping up here in a bit, so stay tuned!