Whoo, and the comic goes on.

I’m a bit worried about this chapter, I’m not going into it with a concrete understanding of what I want to do like I usually do, ands I worry that it’ll meander or be too forced because of it. On the plus side, the next chapter should be pretty fun, but I worry about this one.

…especially since I let my buffer run down again. I intend to catch up,. but in the meantime, pages may be a bit rushed. But don’t worry, they’ll get done. I haven’t missed one yet 😉

On the plus side, I’m happy with this cover. Yeah, she’s in the wrong costume. That was somewhat intentional, since I realized too late that due to their hasty retreat, Katyn was going to be stuck in the ripped shirt for a while. Whoops. So here’s something else for a while.

Thanks for reading. Sorry is I misled you last week. And see you next week for the chapter to start!