Let me just say straight out that you won’t find anymore pro being anti-social than me. I am not a people person, I tend to enjoy being by myself more. I dread time spent with people and (despite how much fun I have when with them – which is usually quite a bit!) I tend to feel depressed and embarrassed after the fact, which doesn’t make me too inclined to try it again. Why do I mention all this? Because I want to point out that I’m not the sort of person to go around telling people that the secret to solving all life’s ills comes from getting out more and connecting with people more. I don’t personally believe that, so I couldn’t present it in a way to be believed. However, just because I don’t seek out others too often, doesn’t mean that I think avoiding people entirely is the way to go. It’s important to have people around you can talk plainly to.
I was fortunate enough to have it happen at random in my life. I’m not the sort who goes out looking for companionship, so it’s amazing to me that I have some of the great friends that I do, they just kinda found me.
So that’s what I wrote. I felt it was kind of important to establish something between Katyn and Ry. I’m not writing romance here, I intend to neither prove or disprove any attraction between my characters, I’m not interested in that. I’ve already established Katyn as a bit of a loner, and presented Ry as someone she can talk candidly to. I just wanted to cement that. To let the readers know where they stand…and to bring in the thieves perspective on it all. Katyn’s been an outsider even to them, but they consider her family. For the most part (read: except Trey – he still doesn’t trust Ry. Can you blame him?) they appreciate seeing Katyn able to grow close to someone, even with the danger involved.

Sheesh, this is the second FFC page in a row with long author’s notes. XD Sorry to prattle on…