This is also a page featuring my own weird quirks. I don’t like talking about serious matters. I feel awkward when people thank me or apologize to me, and REAL troubles? Yeah…I’m a much bigger fan of the “ignore it until it goes away” school of thought, and it’s actually worked pretty well for me. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that most people can’t and don’t live like that…but I know nothing about it. It doesn’t make any sense to me, so I can’t write about it. Katyn’s done with the whole issue, ready to forget it and have fun. To her, talking about it won’t accomplish much except to prolong the problem. I think Ry is more like a “normal” person, honestly, and this attitude kinda puts him out a bit, poor guy. XD
(I swear Katyn’s not a self-insert! She looks kinda like me too urg! I tried to design her to be very different from me! But since most of the story is told from her perspective, I have to write these scene from the perspective I know! After all she failed the Mary Sue test! Forgive me for all this? It’s only because I know it’s kinda weird and not how most people act, so I want to try to explain it all)

On the art, I had computer problems while coloring this, and it had been so long since that had happened, I was out of my habit of saving every few minutes *smacks forehead* SOOOO the result is that I did the highlighting super-fast with the airbrush to ensure it all got done on time. But…it really WAS a lot faster than my old method…what do you guys think? Like the look, or should I go back to the old method? (For comparison, check out the first page of the chapter, not last week’s, because I screwed that one up a bit, it’s not a good example for hi-lights) Give me your opinions!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!