This may sound slightly similar to Gargoyles (we can’t fly, we can only glide) but actually it came from birds. Because Ry has bird-like wings, I considered how birds actually fly. They’re very light with hallow bones, and they have a very aerodynamic shape. In addition to that, each wing is the length of a bird’s entire body. This always struck me as interesting, as human proportions have both arms equal to height, so a bird’s wing is twice as long proportionally. Ry is not light or aerodynamic, so I gave him HUGE wings (You may have noticed that even folded, they go from his head to his feet.) but I felt that even so, he probably wouldn’t actually be capable of flying. I always justified it as the magic surrounding the guardian allows him to fly, but I could never justify it working when you add the weight of an entire other person. You may have noticed that he has never flown while carrying someone in the entire comic (in other words this wasn’t a recent thought) and the closest he came was jumping off a building with Katyn back here and that’s about what this is – just slowing the fall.
So if anyone harbored romantic thoughts of Ry flying majestically through the sky carrying someone…um…I’m sorry? XD

Man, that was a lot of explanation. I’m sorry. haha! I’m fairly happy with how it looks, though.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!