She seems surprised to find herself sitting on the ground.

Continuity error! The torn sleeve is supposed to be on her right shoulder, not her left one as it is on panel 4. I’m not sure how I messed that up, since panel 3 clearly shows her hitting the right shoulder, and the left one isn’t torn in the final panel…

There was a continuity error last week too that I forgot to mention. I forgot to ink in the sword! I drew it in the pencils, but somehow, when I copied it over to ink it, I somehow omitted it from every panel. I must’ve been out of it the weeks I worked on these! She should’ve been holding it in her right hand.

Firefly cross actually has a Facebook page now! Somebody set up facebook pages for both of the comics for me! I didn’t create them (I’m still not on the facebooks myself) and I’m not sure how much I’ll handle them myself, but I do have the login information to the pages, so I can make posts and changes if I like. It’s pretty bare at the moment, because it was only just created, so there aren’t any graphics or such up yet, but links to the pages will be posted each week and I can use it to make announcements. Although at the moment, it directs to the DD page rather than this one. Neither myself nor the person who made it have a lot of experience in making facebook pages for comics, though, so if you want to make any suggestions for some other things we can do with it, please let us know!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!