I’d like to apologize for the content of this chapter given the recent tragedy. These pages were already done before that ever happened, but as they’re being posted after the fact, it needs to be addressed. To anyone who is uncomfortable seeing something like this at this time, I am sorry, the timing is unfortunate and accidental.

You almost didn’t get this page posted, however, the hard drive on my computer (where all these pages lived) died. I didn’t think I’d get them off of it in time, and I cut it so close that I had actually almost entirely re-done this page before the files were retrieved. I’m sorry the speech bubbles are a little sloppy, by the way, they were rushed and on a computer that was difficult to work on. But now I have a new computer, and a new version of Photoshop (christmas present!) so sometime down the line, you may see some changes to the way this comic is colored.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!