It was back in early chapter 7 where Chaerius outright told Katyn that unicorns were extinct, but I wrote that knowing that he was wrong when he said it. This was all planned from the get-go – I had designed Prathis all the way back in 2005. Trust me, I will be honest with you when I come up with something at the last minute…largely because I’m usually so proud of myself when it happens, I can’t keep my mouth shut, haha!

But yes, there were a couple of reasons I decided to go that way. Part of it was that I just wanted Chaerius to be wrong about something. As a dragon, he doesn’t know much about the specifics of the lives of unicorns. It’s even possible he knew at one point that only Prathis was left and just assumed that meant the end of unicorns. But he’s always presented as the voice of wisdom in this comic and I liked the idea of him being wrong about something.

Mostly, though, it was just that I wanted to introduce the idea that unicorns existed in the FFC world, but I didn’t really want people waiting for them to pop up around every corner, since I knew it would be a while and I wanted to give Prathis a bit of an entrance. So, sorry for the bit of a bait-and-switch, I just didn’t want people waiting for the sparkly, prancy, lisa-frank-y unicorns of popular culture. (I’m honestly not against those, but they’re too common, I wanted something different.)

…and sorry to anyone who now has the “Last Unicorn” theme in your head. This has no relation, haha!

Thanks for reading! More next week!