Katyn’s been doing some thinking about what’s expected of her…I don’t think she has many answers yet, though.

Drunkduck is still down, so it’s good we still have this site. And luckily, after setting up the new site for Twisted Mirrors I had to actually learn to use WordPress. And having learned how to use WordPress, I can take that knowledge and apply it here, so you might start to see some changes to this site. First and foremost, look at the bar at the top of the page. Yep, I made an archives page. I’m kind of ashamed I didn’t do it earlier too, since all it took was two clicks and typing out the word “Archives”…kinda sad that I didn’t get to it sooner. I might put in a dropdown of the archives underneath as well like I did on the TM site, and you’ll be seeing a few more changes around here coming up as I clean up this place a bit. I didn’t pay enough attention to it before, and that’ll change now.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!