As I mentioned earlier, a lot of things had to get cut out of this back story to allow for space. One of the things that’s missing that makes me a bit sad is how terrible the Light was here. Not necessarily the Light’s Keeper – he wasn’t going to be in it – but just the Light’s guys in general were a bunch of arrogant jerks who thought they deserved to be treated like kings for fighting for the Light. In contrast to Lyall’s optimistic view, they were pretty awful. I wanted to mention it because I haven’t done a lot of portraying the bad side of the Light, and the Dark are the villains here again too as they burned down Elrek’s village…or at least one of them has. (What? The Dark uses fire? Yes, fire is destructive, so they’ll use it to destroy, they just don’t have magic fire, haha!)

Boy, what a happy page right before the holidays, eh? Haha, well I hope you have a good one!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!