Back to the backstory!

What had happened with Elrek may not be clear in this chopped up version, so here’s the full explanation. When a person becomes the host for the Guardian, the memories of their lives as humans are removed and replaced by the Guardian’s memories. There is, however, a brief moment of transition before the human memories are completely gone. And for Elrek, that moment was when Lyall ran up and grabbed his arm. Having Lyall right there, demanding his attention, needing him, caused him to keep hold of those memories and not let them leave.
…so Elrek remembers everything and remembering two lives at once is driving him mad.

And on that happy note, thanks for reading! I’ll see you next week!

(Also, I know the blue of the Leviathan’s speech bubbles are kind of bright, but these pages aren’t actually black and white, they’re monochromatic of a grey-blue, so I feel like I can get away with it, since they’re still blue. Bwah ha ha)