This actually was foreshadowed.

First in that Ry and Trey didn’t like each other – that’s not really a clue though, since it’s not a requirement that Guardians hate one another – Ry and Elrek certainly didn’t – but I did it because I thought it was kind of funny.
Second was in that Trey was very overprotective, which is the primary characteristic for Guardians, but that’s not really a major clue either since he’s hardly the only overprotective character in this.
The third instance was a bit more direct – When the barrier that blocked magic prevented him from passing. (As was mentioned, Elrek had to be let in to pass the barrier it would not allow him to pass either.)
The biggest clue, however, was also the smallest – it was back in Chapter 21, when Trey is pulling on his shirt, you can see the top of the tattoo on his arm. (Though it is based on an older design of the tattoo, though close enough.) Don’t feel too bad about missing it, though, I intentionally made it almost the same color (though still a touch different) as the shirt to hide it. I didn’t want people guessing too soon.

You weren’t supposed to get all three of these pages today. The plan was to have the first page this week, then the other two next week, but I do try to make sure that something is advanced in every update, and nothing was really happening in that first page. It’s just there for pacing. So I couldn’t really justify that alone for the update. Thus, I put them all together here for you.
That’s good news for this week, but it means I burned one of my buffer pages, so we’ll have to have a break between this chapter and next to make up for it…and the chapter is ending on a cliffhanger. Sorry in advance, but I felt this was more important.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!