Another old friend back to see us.

When I would look ahead to doing this part of the story, I always envisioned Bryant being in his werewolf form because it made him more identifiable…but then I realized that being a werewolf in the midst of these guys was going to be really uncomfortable for everybody. I’ve never liked his human form, though, so I decided to change it a little. The drawing doesn’t look great, but at least he’s a little unique now.
Overall this chapter has suffered a lot from stuff I was dealing with IRL. It’s all set-up so it wasn’t grabbing my attention and I was dealing with too much other stuff to devote the extra attention it needed for me to make it more interesting. It’s suffered on the writing and the art fronts and I do apologize. I feel a little better knowing it’s not the first dud chapter I’ve had…but it could very likely be the last. πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading! See you next week!