Oh, this seems like a good development!

…I wish I had good news, but unfortunately I landed on option 3 – I still don’t know whether or not I’ll be getting my files back and if I do when that might be. So I recreated the already finished page in a bit of a rush, and as much as I’m able we’ll move ahead at a normal update pace.
I kind of wish I could get an answer one way or another. If yes – yay! I’ll be patient! If no – let me go cry so I can move on! But right now, I’m sort of stuck with both in addition to the self-pity that comes from knowing I did this to myself.
…bleh…sorry for being a bit morose. Luckily, i hand-draw the lineart, so I didn’t lose EVERYTHING, so let’s buck up and move forward!

Thanks for sticking with me. Let’s bring this thing home! See you next week!