So, you remember how last week I said there would be a filler this week? Well…I lost it. I know I drew it, I know I scanned it, and now it’s gone. It was going to be explaining a bit about the draclings, since I’d been meaning to do that for a while, but I searched for it for about half an hour and I can’t find it, neither the scan nor the hard copy. Sooooooooo we’re skipping ahead to the cover. I still have the script, I probably could have replaced it, but I put this off until 10 p.m., Sunday night. It was a bit extra annoying as well, since the cover wasn’t actually finished, since it wasn’t slated to be posted this week, so it’s been rushed a bit.

…which is a good segue into what I had meant to talk about with this cover – that I don’t like it. Much like the last several cover images, I don’t think this works at all, and I think I figured out the reason for it. The covers are generally a lot easier to do than the pages, sicne they don’t tend to have backgrounds and generally only feature one or two characters…so I had this mindset of the weeks I do covers as a “break” and eventually I think I kind of stopped trying on them. Well, I’m sick of crappy covers (I mean, it’s going to happen sometimes, but this has been way too consistent) so here’s my promise to you that I’m going to put a lot more effort into the covers going forward. Sorry they’ve been so bad for so long. Hopefully the next one will be a bit more worth it.

Thanks for reading! See you next week for when we start the chapter proper. (And as annoyed as I am, it’s not too bad. I do the filler and the cover in the same week in order to add to my buffer. Skipping the filler only means my buffer stays the same, I don’t lose any pages…it’s just annoying.)