This guy is SO much fun to draw! And I’m so excited to finally get to this character, since I initially designed him five years ago. I’m just so pleased with how he looks! 😀 So much so, that I hated to put the growling over any of that image in the first panel, but it kinda needed to be in there…

I think I’ve finally gotten the handle on the shading, I’m very happy with how the shading looks here, far less muddy than it has been, but now I’m out of like with the hi-lights, so I’ll continue working on that.

I’m amused that Ry apparently needed to hear it talk before determining that it was a dragon…because the green stripe wasn’t enough of a clue. XD

Anyway, I’ll be out of town next week (week of the 6th) but the pages for next Monday and the Monday after are already colored and shaded, I just need to add the hi-lights and text. SO there shouldn’t be any delay.
Thanks for reading! See you next week!