…yes….I forgot….
I’m SO sorry! (This is what happens when I upload things ahead of time in anticipation of being away…ugh..)

I decided to go simple for this filler and just show you what Mirhe looked like in dragon form.
If you’re wondering why, it’s because I can’t really see her changing into it any time soon. The dragons of FFC aren’t generally in dragon form unless they have to be (i.e. fighting something or casting magic) and since she’s doing neither, she will remain a cat.
…on the other hand, there was really no need to hide it, it’s not a plot point or anything, and since we’ve seen all the other dragon forms, it only seemed fair to show hers as well.

The white parts are the tan and the shaded parts are purple. You may notice some similarities between her design and Sadryn’s. She and Sadryn are of the same…clan? (I never settled on a term for the dragon groupings because there aren’t any anymore XD) and they share a similar view on humans…just as Chaerius and Raithlin do.

Thanks for tuning in! The next page will be a cover, then the next chapter begins.

See you next week!