I’ve been getting a lot more spam than usual hitting the site lately (pretty much all centered on one particular older post too, for whatever reason…). My spam filter is actually doing a fantastic job of catching it all, but I usually try to go through the spam before I delete it, just in case a real comment got caught up in the mix. The sudden flood of them, however, means that I can’t always do that to the extent I’d like to. I had over 900 spam messages one day, and that’s just a few too many to sift through. I wanted to post a message here to let people know that if it does get caught in the spam filter, I might miss it.
Now the way the comment system for this site currently works, new posters have to be approved before their comments will appear. So if you don’t immediately see your comment posted, it may simply be that I haven’t approved it yet. (I approve comments as soon as I see one waiting, but that depends entirely on when I check the site.) But if it goes too long and you don’t see your comment(s), shoot me an email at dragonsong12@hotmail.com to let me know so I can check for it in the spam filter.